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Term 3 2018.19

Grade 7
✘73.01 Sketchbook Holocaust Word Bank Search ✔73.02 Sketchbook Holocaust Museum ID Card ✔73.03 Sketchbook WWII Superhero Propaganda Pixlr Layers (.png) ✔73.04 PORTFOLIO SUPERIMPOSED SUPERHERO POSTER (.jpg) ✔73.05 PORTFOLIO SUPERHERO NEWSPAPER (.jpg) ✔73.06 Sketchbook They Spoke Out Holocaust Motion Comics ⮚73.07 Sketchbook Light: Shading/Layering/Blending ⮚73.08 PORTFOLIO
Grade 8 ✘83.01 Sketchbook Compare/Contrast Self-Portraits ✘83.02 Sketchbook Chuck Close Video Notes ✔83.03 Sketchbook Pixlr Faces Screenshot (.png) ✔83.04 PORTFOLIO Pop Portrait (.jpg) ✔83.05 PORTFOLIO 180 Self-Portrait (.jpg) ⮚83.06 Sketchbook GENRE "NOUNS" Resource Page ⮚83.07 Sketchbook DRAWING SCRAMBLE
Bulldog Block ✔BB.21 Google Classroom Register ⮚BB.22 AGAMOGRAPHS
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TERM 4 2017.18


8th Grade ART Exhibit
Bettendorf Public Library April/May

Art Club Mötley Ärt Crüe

Art Club is an after school activity that provides materials, instruction and social support for those students who are seeking a creative outlet.  All students are encouraged to explore their interests and improve their skills.